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Welcome To The Alaska Oilfield Jobs Resource Site.


Looking for a high paying job in the oil and gas industry in Alaska's North Slope?  Due to the recent increase in oil prices there are now some new openings for high paying oilfield and pipeline construction jobs available in Alaska. Here are some drilling, pipeline and logistics company's as well as government employment websites to assist you in your Alaska Oilfield job and North Slope jobs search. Bookmark this site and check back for more Alaska oilfield job postings and resources.

News Update: Despite the slowdown there are some major projects underway. According to Rigzone, one such project is underway at Point Thomson, east of Prudhoe Bay. There ExxonMobil Corp. is gearing up to start drilling a large undeveloped gas and condensate field.   Exxon has moved in Nabors Rig 19-E, one of the largest rigs in Alaska, which had been idle.  Near Prudhoe Bay, BP is building support facilities for the its Liberty offshore development. BP has almost finished a major expansion of their artificial island in the Endicott field where at least one rig will be located.
Both of these are billion plus dollar investments and will undoubtedly lead to more oilfield jobs in Alaska. Stay tuned for more updates about these projects.

Oilfield jobs in Alaska pay good salaries with good benefits. The days are hard, the work is tough and the conditions are extreme but if you can handle it you can earn up to twice the salary of oilfield jobs in the lower 48 states.

Halliburton. Halliburton Job Search Page

Halliburton is active in all aspects of oil and gas drilling in Alaska. Jobs available include positions in cementing, well logging, peroration, supply, temporary positions, drilling fluids engineer (mud engineer),  and more.

This is a link to Halliburton's job portal. Click on North American, then United States. In the search bar type "Alaska" and you will get a listing of all Halliburton oilfield jobs available in Alaska. If the list is too long hit "back" and select job type.

Sample from Halliburton's recent Alaska job postings.
Job Location and Title:
US Prudhoe Bay Multi-products Field Service Rep.- II
Job Details
Since 1919, Halliburton has been opening Worlds of Opportunity around the globe. We're one of the world's largest and most safety-conscious providers of oil field services. Come in and explore your future!
Help energize the world. One oil company at a time.
Consider joining Halliburton's team as a Multi-Field Level Two Representative, and share with customers the benefits of three Baroid sub Product Service Lines. Your knowledge of the drilling fluids, completions fluids and surface solutions products is an integral part of the equation for maximum well site performance. Inventory control, equipment calibration, fluids testing-evaluation and safety assurance are within your scope of responsibilities. Staff leadership and training, and the nurturing of solid business relationships with customers will play to your strong interpersonal and communication skills. The job requires some physical exertion and outside work.
A bachelor's degree in a related field is preferred for this position, as is seven to ten years of on-the-job Fluids and Surface Solutions training. A valid driver's license is required.
 Halliburton: Worlds of Opportunity for you!
Prudhoe Bay
Pouch 340026
Prudhoe Bay AK 99734


Schlumberger is another major player in Alaska Oil and Gas drilling and logistics. It has an Alaska oilfield job specific web site at the following address:

Schlumberger Alaska Job Search Page  Job openings are limited at the current time.

 Here is a sample from Schlumberger Alaska's  recent job postings.

Wireline -Testing
Electronics Technician
Prudhoe Bay
Under moderate supervision, learns to troubleshoot and repair a variety of electronic tools, surface
instrumentation, and sondes used in the district.
1. Learns to troubleshoot and repair electronic tools, surface instrumentation, and sondes used in the district
2. Learns the tool modification program and assists in modifying electronic tools and surface instrumentation.
3. Learns to use equipment maintenance manual, parts lists, and drawings.
4. Learns to use test equipment and to calibrate and repair test equipment
5. Learns the general application and operating concepts of the electronic tools and surface instrumentation..
6. Learns basic log quality, curve response and log measurement terminology.
7. Learns the computer systems associated with tools, equipment and related services.

Nabors Drilling, Peak Services

Nabors Drilling is a worldwide drilling company with a large presence in Alaska. Peak Energy Services is a division of Nabors Drilling which does heavy hauling, including rig moving, crane and rigging services and oilfield transportation.

Nabors Job Search Page

Currently Nabor's Alaska oilfield  job openings are limited due to the slowdown in worldwide drilling. Check the site every few days for new listings.

What's It Like Working On The North Slope? Here is a brief video of a Nabors rig being moved:

Alexsys, The Alaska Department of Labor Jobs Site

This is the State of Alaska's job bank. I recommend that it be a part of your Alaska oilfield job search. Sign up on the website and receive alerts when job openings for which you are qualified come open. You can create a resume on the site as well.

Alexsys Job Bank



Bookmark this site and check back often as we will be adding more Alaska Oilfield job links and resources.


Alaska based  oilfield and pipeline companies often have a preference for hiring native Alaskans. This is to be understood since many job applicants from the lower 48 do not work out because of the extreme work conditions. This is not an obstacle that cannot be overcome with a good resume listing extensive work experience and a history of dependability. A good resume is key to any job search including oilfield jobs. If you are not able to write an effective resume for an oilfield job that you are applying for, contact a resume writing service in your city and have them help you put one together, along with a cover letter that you can fax and mail.

Wages are high for oil and gas and pipeline jobs in Alaska, but so are living expenses. Expect to spend at least thirty percent more for food and services as you would in the lower 48 states.

If you will be driving to Alaska you will need a valid US passport to cross the Canadian border.

For books such as "A Primer Of Oilwell Drilling, which can be helpful in your Alaska oilfield jobs search, see 


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